In addition to contributing to legal publications such as Practical Law and Asset Recovery (Getting the Deal Through), the firm has been published in a number of texts and directories, including:

  • Private Client Tax (Third Edition, 2020)
  • International Successions, Monaco chapter (Fourth edition 2020)
  • International Trust Survey, Monaco chapter (first edition, 2010)
  • Anti-Money Laundering: International Law and Practice (2007)
  • International Real Estate Handbook, Monaco and France chapters (2005)
  • International Offshore Financial Centers: Monaco (first edition, November 1988)
  • Trademark, Monaco chapter
  • Asset Recovery , “Getting the Deal Through”, 2019
  • The Asset Tracing and Recovery Review, Monaco Chapter (third edition, 2019)
  • Monaco Section, “Asset Recovery 2019” – Getting the Deal Done, edit. Peters & Peters Solicitors, Law Business Research
  • Monaco Chapter, “International Succession”, edt. Garb & Wood, Oxford University Press, 4th edt., 2020
  • Monaco Chapter, Private Client Tax, edt. John Rhodes, Thomson Reuter, 3rd edition, 2020
  • Monaco & French Chapters, “International Real Estate Handbook”, Kalin & Taylor, Ideos, 5th edition, 2020
  • Monaco Chapter, “The Asset Tracing and Recovery Review”, edt Robert Hunter, Law Business Research, 3rd edit, 2020
  • Monaco Chapter, “The World Trust Survey”, edt. Gothard & Shah, Oxford University Press, 2010
  • Monaco Chapter, “Anti-Money Laundering, International Law and Practice,” with Sophie Marquet, edt. Muller, Kälin, Goldsworth, Wiley, 2007
  • “The 31st America’s Cup Jury and its Decisions”, Henry Peter (ed. ) with John Faire, Michael Foster, David Tompkins, Kluwer Law International, 2003
  • Asset Recovery , “Getting the Deal Through“, 2017

Donald was also a Member of 31st America’s Cup Arbitration Panel – 2000 to 2003.